For two decades, we have pioneered the standards for products ranging from basic mill finish profiles to the most complex curtain wall systems.


The profiles that we have been producing are being used in nearly 40 different sectors from doors-windows to accessories from ventilation systems to roller blinds.


Aluminium profile production, aluminium billet production, aluminium composite panel production, aluminium-plastic accessories sales are the main fields of activity of the company.

  • Foundry

  • Wooden Transfer Coating

  • Composite Panel

  • Powder Coating

  • Mechanical Processing

  • Anodisation

  • Molding Room

  • Extrusion

  • Shipment


Our aluminium billet production facility, which was included in our organization in 2011, produces 1350.000 tons of billets annually. The foundry has a melting furnace, homogenization furnace and cooling cabinets.

Wooden Transfer Coating

The aluminium profiles produced in the wood transfer coating facility gain a wooden appearance.

Composite Panel

Aluminium composite panel is a building material consisting of the combination of two aluminium sheets and low density polyethylene filler between them.

Powder Coating

In our vertical electrostatic powder coating facility with an annual capacity of 35.000 tons, painting is carried out in RAL colors with a wide range of colors according to customer demands. Our facility has the QUALICOAT certificate.

Mechanical Processing

In our Mechanical Processing Department, we also provide services to our customers during the assembly phase by cutting and drilling at the desired angle with high precision on the superior Italian technology machines and by providing system accessories.


We meet the needs by creating matte, glossy and colored anodized surfaces in line with the demands of our customers with our technology in our anodizing facility.

Molding Room

Our molding department, which is at the beginning of aluminium profile production, has the capacity to produce 2.000 sets of molds annually with its specialized staff, technological bench track and 3D solid model (CAD-CAM) programs.


Extrusion is the process of obtaining the profile that has the shape of the mold by passing the aluminium billet through steel molds with the great force provided by the press.


The High Rack Profile Storage System, which has been developed for high amount of storage by saving space in the storage of aluminium profile, accelerates storage and shipment.


PB family has adopted the principle of increasing customer satisfaction by continuously improving the product quality and performance expectations of its customers with an innovative approach.


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