It meets the needs by creating matt, bright and colorful anodized surfaces in accordance with the demands of its customers with its technology in the anodized coating plant. In order to meet the profile surface effect demands in different decorative appearance, the profiles are passed through applications such as polishing (mechanical polishing), steel brush sanding (satin) before the anodizing process. Thus, alternative surfaces are added to the product portfolio.

Products produced in our anodizing plant; QUALANOD and TSE are assured with the features such as product life, UV resistance and color fade. Our production facility has the latest technology and processes up to 8 meters in length.

Except for our standard colors, special color works are made in the existing color pools. With an annual capacity of 30.000 tons and fully automated system, our anodizing plant is the leading surface treatment facility of the sector. Our company is environmentally friendly; It fulfills ROHS and REACH requirements.